Customer Care

Welcome to the elite family of Der Dau clients. Der Dau customers only accept the very best in custom fitting, designs and materials. We are well known for outfitting champions and medal winners from around the world. These unique boots are custom fitted especially for you. Each boot is hand cut from the finest leather, then stitched and molded to ensure a “second skin” fit.

When putting your boots on for the first time you should be wearing the same type of breeches and socks you were measured with. Also you can use boot stretch spray and a shoe horn if you are having a hard time putting your foot into the boot. Once you begin wearing your new boots, the leather will conform to the curvature of your foot and leg. In no time, you will be slipping them on and off with ease. We recommend you place Der Dau boot trees inside your boots to keep their shape and keep them in our Der Dau boot bag to keep them protected from dirt and water.

Caring For Your Boots


Before and After